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 "This jerky is so good, I had to lick the bag. I have never been so instantly crazed over a food before. It became my mission to find the makers of this amazing, juicy jerky and order some of my own. I now have an almost-a-package-a-day habit. I have challenged friends and family, that if its not the best beef jerky they've ever eaten, I will GIVE them ten bucks.... Havent had to give up ten bucks yet! Even the best of other beef jerkys cant compare to the flavor and FRESHNESS of Biltong's all grass-fed jerky. They have spoiled me, and ruined all other beef jerky for me. I couldn't tell you enough, its the best jerky on earth!" -Stacy W. 11/21/14

 "To Dawid, The best biltong and wors I've ever had. Best Wishes."
-Trevor Immelman (Pro Golfer)

 "Dawid, Salome, Die beste Biltong in die U.S.A!"
-Kurt Darren (Famous South African Singer)
Translates to: "Dawid, Salome, The best Biltong in the U.S.A!"

 "Biltong USA! Regtig beste Biltong!"
-Arno Jordaan (Famous South African Singer)
Translates to: "Biltong USA! Really the best Biltong!"

Facebook Reviews
 "Just found out Biltong is just down the street from my house! Amazing taste and freshness! Not to mention the prices are awesome! Can't wait to go into the store and see what else they have" - Jennifer T. 10/25/15

 "Much healthier than regular store jerky!!! And much more HAVE to visit!!!" -Carolyn L. 09/02/15

 "Just want everyone to know.This place is really awesome.the best beef jerky ever.and also steaks" -Richard L. 08/19/15
 "Outstanding biltong and Droëwors. They also have a nice selection of S.A. groceries as well (the peri peri sauce is awesome). Very fast shipping. I'm looking forward to trying everything else." -Chad V. 07/09/15

 "I will be a long term customer. I was recently in South Africa just outside Johannesburg and fell in love with the biltong and droëwors. I'm just happy I can get it here in America." -Michael H.

 "I've ordered from these people a few times. They make the best biltong, just like home. For those of you who don't know what Biltong is, it's a raw beef that is spiced and left to dry out. It's not like American jerky but only better and made from real beef. I'm so happy to have found these people online, cos I'm from South Africa and when I get that craving for SA products it's simple. Just a click away and I can order tea, chocolates and lots more... All the products come from South Africa! Enjoy and please do order for Father's Day. Great gift if u havn't decided what to get Dad yet! He will love this" -Eva W. 06/10/15

 "I've had nothing but a great experience with every order I've received. Ordering is easy and delivery prompt. I haven't found a flavor I don't like. Can't wait to try the newest Chili bites! Thanks Biltong USA!" - Josy L. 06/09/15

 "To me customer service is always the most important. I got the grand tour. Very impressive." -Zoe B. 10/01/14

 "Best customer service ever!!!" -Ella R. 09/30/14

 "Definitely the best biltong out there. Tasting delicious and being USDA approved are two of the many reasons I continue to purchase from Biltong USA. Customer service is very friendly and helpful and they treat you like family. If you haven't tried them before, just give them a try; you'll never know until you try for yourself." -Z. J. 09/26/2014

 "Best I've ever had!!! Just buy some. I promise you won't be disappointed." -David G. 09/07/14

 "Very Good is biltong." -Alma M. 08/07/14

 "I ordered from Biltong USA approx. 3 years ago. I remember my package being delivered in a timely manner, not to mention the Biltong tasted excellent and exceeded my expectations. Ordering on the site is very easy and simple. I just placed an order again (went larger and spicier this time around) and realized I need to make it a point to order more often. I'd love to visit South Africa but I don't think it's in the cards right now so Biltong USA will satisfy my fix until the times comes. -Ryan R. 07/08/15

Reviews from Emails/Messages

"I have been eating Biltong from my SA butcher for years. This stuff is crazy good. It's addictive and still good for you. You've made meat crack!" - Jeffery G. 07/10/2017

"I immigrated to the USA 1 1/2 years ago and have been ordering Biltong and Dry Wors from various companies here in US. I wanted to say your Biltong and Dr Wors is amazing! What a taste of home!" - Natalie K. 06/29/2017

"It's always excellent." - Michael G. 01/27/2017

"Your biltong is great and it's hard to get good biltong." - Ophelia K. 01/21/2017

"I received the extra biltong you guys sent me, that was wonderful and such excellent customer service! Based on your excellent customer service and great products I am going to sign as an affiliate with you guys and recommend you my friends!' - Nic W. 12/25/2016

"No problem, I have received the confirmation email! Thank you!! You guys have been making me happy for years now!! My wife is mexican and she was hooked on biltong and droewors the first time she tried it!! Thanks again and keep up the good work!!" Andre K. 09/16/15

"So the Sausage [boerewors] was awesome and the Biltong/Drywors [droewors/biltong sticks] greatly appreciated (: You will definiltely hear from us again!" -Jen K. 08/03/15

"I just received 10 pounds of biltong from you and this was my first order from you. I was a little worries since I had never tried you before, but I have to say I am delighted. Your biltong is absolutely delicious.
Thank you." -Dan H. 08/21/15

"man i forgot how good your biltong and droewors is,thank goodness you guys are still in business(more than i can say about myself) thank you,you are still the best" -Ewan B. 08/20/15


Specific Product Reviews
"Annezelle, You asked to let you know how our "Heated" discussions went at work this week with the addition of your Lightning and Volcanic beef snacks. Everyone that tried them has nothing but good things to say and they have all asked me how they can get more. I've shared the information from the brochure with them and expect that you'll be having additional customers buying your products. Thanks for making it to the Matthews Alive event last weekend.  I'm really impressed with your product and am glad that you guys are located near my house." -Joel H. 09/10/15

 "Freakin Hot and Super Tasty. Biltong Sliced: Volcanic Hot     -Instagram (R.L.)

Star-Only Reviews
 - Barnabas. F. M 06/10/15
 - Sonnet J. 09/29/14
 - Pieter G.
 - Doug M. 07/10/15
 - Sue I. 12/13/15
 - Cameron W. 05/06/15
 - Scott F.

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