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some flavors are hotter than others
Here's a chart to help you know which ones are hot and which ones aren't,
in order from mildest (top) to the hottest of the hot (bottom)

The original, South African recipe. (Also the children's favorite.) (popular)

a hint of garlicky goodness

a hint of the outdoors. a rich, smokey flavor without smoking the meat

teriyaki without the overbearing soy sauce taste (Teriyaki contains gluten)

garlic with a mild kick (popular)

a mild kick, full of flavor

a fiesty green chilli pepper

similar to a spicy medium (popular)

a hot kick, full of flavor

prepare yourself ... it's made from the hottest pepper in the world

All of our flavors are Gluten-Free, except for our Teriyaki due to the soy sauce.