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Biltong from Biltong USA BiltongUSA Flavor and Heat Scales for all Flavors Original Spicy Garlic Mild Medium Hot Jalapeño Cheesy Sauce Gluten Free Teriyaki Asian Kick Volcanic Lightning Lightnin' Extreme Blazing Blazin'
With 16 available flavors, you're bound to find a favorite, or two.

Our delicious biltong flavors come in a variety of spices, heat levels, and overall taste. The Traditional flavor, as eaten in South Africa, is our Original. With some spices, the only spicy-taste will be from the pepper itself which is a very mild heat level, if any heat at all.

Other non-spicy flavors include Garlic, Asian Kick, and Teriyaki (contains gluten). Asian Kick is an uprising popular flavor with our fan base as it provides a tangy, flavorful spice, similar to a curry. Best of all, our Teriyaki is not soy sauce overbearing so  you're able to taste the natural, delicious biltong flavor with just a hint of Teriyaki.

For some added kick, our Spicy Garlic is essentially a delicious blend between our regular Garlic and Spicy Mild. For more of a kick, up the heat level to our Spicy Medium or Spicy Hot. Our Spicy Peri-Peri is similar to our Spicy Medium on the heat level scale.

Our Cheesy Jalapeño will be slightly less spicy as compared to the regular Jalapeño due to the added Cheddar flavors. 

Perfect. Our last four flavors are so hot, we have added caution labels to the packaging. These flavors are not to be used for entertainment and should have extra procautions while consuming around children. With four of the hottest peppers in the world, you can now take your love for insane spices and add it to your regular biltong consumption routine.

All of our flavors are Gluten-Free, except for our Teriyaki due to the soy sauce.